Sunday, May 11, 2008

future's so bright i gotta wear shades

GDEH "fascist" | Vsvm "eiger" | Cons "fragment"
serious angle problem coupled with large-sized clothing makes me look too hip-hop-ish...LOL
Threw on little OG-ness for some fulfilling lunch for Momsy at Crystal Jade. Talk about filling, *burp! ha

Precious package popped into the mailbox on Wed, from simon to simon! much thanks!
Considering the re-release of the Hiroshi shades this month, copping this OG pair is timely...summertime!
Couple of subtle differences between OG and retro (besides the pricey-ness), one of which is the Stussy signature font on left temple of OG compard to "SS" emblem on retro.
Can't wait to rock 'em
FCRB - Dr Romanelli

FCRB drops a couple of lovely prints, courtesy of Dr Romanelli's touch
too ill...anyone able to help me cop 'em?
NexusVII SS08
Tomohiro-san follows up on his tribute to heroes with a couple of special prints on singer-sonwriter-civil rights activist Nina Simone

A simple "house" T of sorts, and reversible as well

This season's SS08 theme of "Manson" with references on the "Family", "Satan" and scorpion caricature
Not sure how Charles Manson is related to the scoripion, but the anthropod is appearing in quite a number of clothing of the SS08 line
Porter x Magaret Howell

Next rendition of Magaret Howell's collaboration with Porter Yoshida features a shoulder bag, tote and pouch.
perfect match in utilitarian and functional design...don't you just love how everything fits into the compartments like they were meant to?
space debris

This pic scared me
Check out ESA's page of hi-res graphix of the tonnes of space debris hovering above our heads.
works out as a cool wallpaper as well, ha!
slick Gisele

Gisele shows off a little side-boob action in a slinky number at The Met
vintage Heidi

Heidi for Arena
Bar none

sexy shots of Leo's current squeeze Bar Rafaeli

have a good week ahead...catch ya laters

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Anonymous said...

Hi there..i'm a very ardent fan of your blog and i must admit,i always look forward for your weekly updates of fresh new digs and threads. =)
Anyways,i trawled over to,and i've noticed the
lads have been rocking the NB574s lately..the question you think
those are limited eds?