Sunday, September 18, 2005

My fascination with tees never ends. Thankfully it was light on my wallet this time round. Had to get the GoodenoughUK tee after seeing it in mags a long way back (disadvantages of a good memory huh?) I like dogs, especially irrepressible cute ones. Heck, who doesn't love cute dogs? Forgive my babble.

Anyways, if Must Love Dogs is still showing someplace near you, go catch it.

Not much of a dog movie as it is a date movie, but i do find it a light-hearted flick to catch. Its great for melancholy days and when you're thinking of someone. And i absolutely find Diane Lane adoring. Illuminating.

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Rikke Korf for Levis
New takes on Engineered denim. Nice.

I always admire folks who take their interests seriously, pursuing perfection and beauty over time. They need our appreciation in due return.

the Brick Testament
Brendan Powell Smith does a painstaking and awesome job creating stories and gospels from the Bible using Lego bricks. Take some time to go through them and tell him how cool it really is. After which, go shopping =)

Shadow Percussion Project by Brian Undelhofen.
DJ Shadow's music rocks, but Brian's "re-arrangement" takes it to a whole new level of enjoyment. Go download the video and tell all your friends! Props!
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Also managed to snag a Bape graduation tee, unworn and with tags no less! Props to Scott for the lovelies.


Anonymous said...

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Ibrahim R. said...

sweet doggienough tee. retail therapy on the cheap again? you keep saying 'light on the wallet, blah blah'. just say they cost $xxx, we all know how much you're willing to drop for tees. =]

xymon said...

rite rite...they cost $xx only, thankfully not $xxx.