Sunday, February 06, 2011

unboxing II

Vintage hunting in no matter what form, be it furniture, antiques or watches etc, always tells a story. I have a tiny assortment of vinyl toys that i unabashedly call a collection, grouped together more by self-appraised "coolness" rather than general consensus nor market-price evaluation. I have the 2-piece James-Nigo Mowax boxset, and when i managed to snag the standalone Nigo figure, there is just a nagging "need" to cop the James figurine to "complete". I have such "completist" mentality (or mental sickness, however you view it)
Never did i think i'd come across this version, the so-called "stealth" or blacked-out version, with customized paint splatter by Stash. Given the recent sell-off of Bape, the antagonistic James, a reticent Futura, and even wierder direction of Stash (with the fugly Sebago shoe), this figure is a reminder of just what kind of "cool guys" those 4 culture giants were...

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