Sunday, February 06, 2011

sweet meats

...the welcome of Spring
a hundred men awaits
the lure of sweet meats...

Every lunar new year, together with hordes of other folks, i make the pilgrimage to the festive mecca that is Chinatown for my fix of Lim Chee Guan's famous barbequed meats, or Bak Kwa. Years of military training, fanboy sneaker-queueing, rabid persistence, and (some say) pure stupidity insanity is rewarded with a bounty of sweet meats for gifting my family and loved ones. Just glad i have my (mental) buddies for company. One can't explain it, but we just do it..haha :)

dressing lightly: Fenom | Visvim EigerSanction | Nike Undercover MatchClassic
not seen: Supreme cordura backpack with Acronym J17 for wet weather program (thankfully not deployed)

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