Sunday, August 16, 2009

oh Jessica...

day off in mid July

GDEH | Visvim fluxus | Visvim Lhamo folk

Took my no-leave and visited some long-missed friends at NB office. I'm really at a loss on what to do given a day-off (i know, ridiculous innit?), but i so enjoy taking my own sweet time to stroll to my destinations. The new lhamo folks are a joy to have on my feet, my toes finally free to wriggle and "feel" the ground. "Down to earth"? maybe, hahaha
Saw the upcoming white pigeons that are dropping on 18Aug, cop 'em at your friendly NB tier 0 accounts. Also saw some custom colorways for Leftfoot and LimitedEdition, hectic months ahead for hypedom surely
Been thumbing through Jessica's photo-book, courtesy of the 78monster's sojourn in

sweet dreams

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