Sunday, July 06, 2008


Probably an apt term to describe my lack of posts lately
Been busy and stressed with work lately. Just hope things work out the way i envisioned it to be...else those grey hairs sprouting on me head will be in vain! lol
Couple of fits recently:

Supreme.NBHD|45RPM|NB1400 ST33

east meets west: Stussy|NBHD|GShock Haze|NBMT580 "TN2"
Went to catch Zohan". So glad i could park the brain and just rot at the big screen. Kinda miss the days of Stephen Chow "mo lei tao"(nonsensical) comedies

Finally caught Wanted and realised what everyone was hyping about. No it wasn;t movie of the year material, but boy, i bet all males from 12 to 62 will be cheering the blood/gore/SFX/Tits & Ass & Legs & pouty lips & tattoos & tits & ass....
who could remember the plot after everything? who cares?

Being so tired and bored from work also means doing one thing mindlessly/endlessly:
Pick Ups
Mowax Nigo Ape sounds

Not often you find gems like this untouched-in-box at way-below-retail. But when i do, it usually ends up in my mailbox and now on my shelf

Polo shorts

ain;t really summer till you pull on a pair of shorts
Got the Tyler seersucker and Madras shorts for the wardrobe...can't always rock the camo bdu berms homie! ha

yet more tees

This simple print came out quite a long while back. Hey, you can never have enough tees, and its brand new with tags/bagged and off the radar = copped

Recon "London" tee for Stash's exhibition (finally copped it!), and
Project Dragon "search&rescue" print (don't you love the BSF pointmen on the back!)

Rapha s/s 08
I always enjoy Rapha's lookbook every season for the stories, gorgeous photos and of course the apparel

They make the best performance and stylish cycling apparel out there, that makes even an armchair surfer like me mulling over the Fixed.shirt and Club jersey
Surrender Now
the guys have finally done up the site properly, so folks over the world can finally get their hands on SRNDR products
Peep the separate Surrender (new 3D prints) and Surrender for Unkle sections (pointmen print on BaseControl!)

Else, just enjoy the pictorials for your desktop or screensaver... ;)

new ads for Hyperdunk - July26
Yeah, the MartyMcFly Kobe hyperdunks caused a fiasco and minor stampede at UNDFTD LA
Guess its just the tip of the iceberg, peep these in-yer-face ads by the wunderkids at W+K

Cibo Matto - Sugar Water (1996)
insane stuff by Michel Gondry
brings to mind the dope Pharcyde vid for "Drop"

Guy may be back to his best! can't wait
Couple of Michael Thompson shoots... oldies but goodies (hotties actually)

Jen Aniston

laters y'all!

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