Sunday, April 06, 2008


Marc Johns does amazingly simple doodles on Post-Its that just crack me up, yet makes me think as well...
Fred Perry Paul Weller shirt
After the big hooha over the previous limited edition polo shirt release, the FP collaboration continues with a new range of limited edition (but of course) shirts

Go get your names down if ya want one
Resonate drops
Yet more tee prints from RSNT

Love the block print and "dots" tee, which are actually tiny "R"s...

Smiley "mug-shots" and a button up with cooling ventilation that should be awesome for summer. And check out the dope packable jacket for those dreary April showers
Death of a President
I've yet to watch the fictional documentary that was released to much controversy late last year through topics such as civil liberties and just-war theory by imagining the assassination of George W.
In an assassination of a different kind, check out these interesting art installations by artist Yazmany Arboleda.
the talk about the character and reputation assassination by the American populace on both candidates' historic race to the presidency. It definitely stirs up the current rumour-mill fodder about sinister conspiracy plots that are just simply sickening to think about.
The images are sure as hell controversial, hence it was by-appointment only, but you can view via the websites

The Assassination of Barack Obama

The Assassination of Hillary Clinton, which i might add is pretty hilarious, esp the acerbic yet spot-on fashion statement by Suzy Menkes

Instead of sensationalism, i'd say the images work well to make one think of all that is happening (whether visible to the public eye or not).
On a more light-hearted note:

Would definitely be delighted if it really happened, but hey, at least it stokes my ego a little... LOL and
and seriously, there appears to be plenty of funny bones out there on the meme trip
All i can say is, spread the word! :)

Rihanna dips it low i know why Beyonce rushed to tie-up Jay-Z
Giselle photo shoot

I bet that's gonna look awesome on my resume:
Professional ass-rub, client: Giselle
On a side note, are those gay torn acid wash denim shorts in again? ugh
holy Miley
Ok, so she's the daughter of one-hit wonder Billy Ray Cyrus and i admit i did watch her "Hannah Montana" show on cable couple of times
She is also under 16
so there shouldn't be any problem showing these pics right?

However, a tweak of the "gamma" settings and voila: holy underage cameltoe!

sleep well...laters!

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