Sunday, February 05, 2006

New Year & misc pix, yo
Its been a pretty relaxing and well-taken rest the past week. Food's been good to me (my tummy's testament to that) and its great to meet up with friends and fam during the festivities. House visits are de riguer, or course. Its traditional to wear new clothes as the superstition represents a fresh start to the new year. The weather doesn't really permit much permutations in clothing, which is just as well...i have too many tees anyway.

Purple Lacoste x Levis x Junya Watanabe CDG x Bape Sta denims (boxfresh y'all)

GDEHUK "Doggienough" tee in color-of-moment purple and to match the year of the Dog

"Zoopreme" and Stussy x Nike "XXV" x Stussy camo berms

Thank god i bought larger sizes, i think i must have grown 1 size up from all the food i've been stuffing...bleah

The news have been all over the net by now. Go check out the adicolor series revived by adidas. No longer confined to the Superstar, the customization spirit has expanded to other footwear ranges and collaborations with more mouth watering labels ala 35th anniversary.

FCRB churns out the hot stuff year after year and '06 is looking good. Make sure you got Flash and Shockwave to check out the nifty displays:

clothes-kicks-toys ahh...the life


Speaking of, the 50% be@rbricks will drop Feb. cute

Stuff i'm loving: Number(N)ine '06

liking the footwear

easiest apparel to design huh?
"who is this rocker s'pose to be?"

UC tour tee

Why the pic above? Not much reason...oh btw, Kanye's new vid for "touch the sky" has him playing the role of Evel Knievel. Directed by Chris Milk, its so huge, its got its own trailer. Catch him perfom at the Grammy's next week. Word is Pam Anderson will dance with him on stage(!)
Got a low cost "media-set" (i made that up) couple days ago so i could watch the dvd's in the comfort of my room...CD/VCD/DVD/MP3/CD-RW/tuner/cassette (they still produce those things these days?)
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Sharing some rare real estate on the shelf, its prob the only place where you can spot empty areas in my room, ha. Pic of the left shows some of the promo flyers for "french connection" label. Shout-outs to Eve @ Gamut: props!
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Some of the other stuff: toddler NB594s (Arthur, i need more kicks!) and "souvenirs" from my teen years (that "2A" tag is from Mac's in case you find it familiar...oops)


V-day's approaching...get these cute mimoco love_hate flash drives for the memory (ha! a pun!)
APC 06

peep the new collection for APC summer 06
tis the shit yo!

Catch this movie for its the last martial arts film for Jet Li (before moving to other drama exploits). Its seriously the best Jet Li film since Once upon a time in China. While the cinematic edit is lacking in certain places, its still an awesome display of Jets' prowess. Getting the DVD fo' sure.
stars and stripes

Just one more day to Super Sunday. Sadly, i'll be at work once kickoff gets underway...timezone sucks.

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