Sunday, February 26, 2006

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Farewell to Ibrahim and god bless his soul. I didn't get the news till i was in-camp. Just the day before i left home, i asked 'Fiz to help me keep tabs on Ibby's health. Never did i know i'd get a text message the next day that Ibby had passed away. At that moment, it didn't matter when he left this world...i knew i had already lost him and a whole lot more.
When i saw him 2 weeks back, he was frail and a fraction of the buddy whom i knew and loved. It pained my heart to see him in the condition and i knew it must have been worse for him. But anyone could see the determination in his eyes, the frustration wrought in his fists as he fought to sit up and yearn for the day he could walk out in the sun. I'll forever remember his words "don't worry, i'll be back in 2 weeks and be alrite"
I met him online through our love for shoes a couple years back. Hours of chatting on irc and msn later, i knew i had found a great buddy who shared so many interests and thoughts. He knew his stuff for sure, a library of knowledge on his loves: air maxes, adidas jackets, rifts, Mandy Moore and...all things pink.
I remember the rides he gave when we scoped out the shops in town, the chill out walks, the tees we loved, his love for photography. I remember the twinkle in his eyes as we both won the raffle for adidas bapes, and his proclamation of "being the dude with the lucky streak" as he won yet another raffle for LeBron COFs. No Ibby, i was the lucky one to have known you.

I visited his parents just the other day. I don't think anyone could take away the pride they felt for their brave boy who was a fighter all the way, and such a filial son to them. I learnt that Ibby managed to win his fight to get out the hospital bed and finally realising his wishes to be at home.
Ibrahim brother, I don'have much physical items to remember you by, but this photo taken by you on one of our chill out coffee breaks will definitely be treasured.
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The tee on the right is a special 2of2 prints i made for him during the Limited Edition "RANK" exhibition. It shows our 2 great loves: cute chicks and hot shoes.

I'm sorry i wasn't there for you at your last hour and i thank and treasure the times we had spent.
i miss you already

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zam said...

you can view pics of him at my photo page..