Saturday, January 08, 2011

shopping is such dogma

waiting for the missus outside the fitting room
hideout x neighborhood
visvim fluxus D1
undercover x vans

surprisingly light traffic on the roads to town, but malls were change from the year end throngs...
its the final fling for the "post-x'mas" sales, only for the "lunar new year" sales to begin in 2 days time.
(yet more evidence that time flies)

i,m always caught in 2 or 3 minds whenever i shop in the conventional bricks/mortar environment. probably in the online world, i'm given less choices (more so in the auction-world of course) and i'm forced to make a quick decision to buy (or risk losing it cheaply to the other camper sitting at the other end of the world); compared to thinking that i'll spot something better in the next rack or shop or mall.

friends will know me as an auction-fiend, but i really ought to stop and save up the dough, more important buys await in the near future...


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