Tuesday, March 23, 2010

...stuff i'm liking...

aka, which i can't afford...

Pretty much liking how stussy's handling their 30th anniv...like the XXV, just bigger and cooler somehow :)

those supreme ones are already blowing up ebay as usual, they sure know how to choose the killer designs...if any kind soul(all 5 of you guys reading this) could help pick up some size L's, it would be lovely (the brotherly kind)

wish someone can also clue me in on how to cop these jamhomemade ones too...i always love the remixing of ol' fonts and "stussy-sayings"
thom browne x supreme
free image hostfree image hostfree image host
free image hostfree image hostfree image host
other than the visvim x supreme collab, this one's like the next hype 1-2 collab to get. but the $325 question has got to be, how much will it cost?
a little gore for a summer blockbuster?
this one's a definite contender for shoe of the year and probably past few seasons
very impressed with how its been put together by the Jap designers (rest of world designers, you guys learn anything yet?), and look so effortless and well thought-out

MTG580 MA1
don't know about you, but i seriously need more olives, grayscale and safety orange (wow, remember the first time the safety orange colorway first popped up? it was the birth of hypedom as we knew it)

MTG580 B3
the attention to detail is astounding, the pull-up leather, the woolen collar lining, the colorscale. this pack is beyond the usual "think of a theme and throw everything on it like a sneaker customizer would do it" standard; this is top notch designwork, something not seen since...hmm, the crookedtongues "confederacy of villany" pack? thank heavens these ones' are more available (relatively of course)
bell & ross

i've been a good boy (so far), i just want x'mas to come (early)? please? :)
sighs...its not as if i'm anywhere near owning the BR01, but this pair is just sick, i'm gonna have to change targets from the looks of it...
Daisy Lowe for Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami
free image hostfree image hostfree image host
the new monogramouflauge is called cosmic blossom...pretty sick
even if it looks like Nigo's Bapy in luxe...come to think of it, hmmmm...
free image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image host
Natasha Poly's been on my mind lately...in such good ways too...sighs

OK GO - this too shall pass
so-so song, awesome vid

Vyvienne Long - they're not waving
Damien Rice's celloist...so lovely

Lady Gaga ft Beyonce - Telephone
music vid of the week/month/year... till the next Gaga vid, that is
she's got the pop world enthralled

Viktor Rolf Fall/winter 2010/11

one of the most amazing shows i've seen...the construction, reconstruction, styling and theme...bringing it home to what its all about: the clothes

catch ya laterz

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