Saturday, January 16, 2010 its nineteen-ninety-nine...

some recaps from '09

caught up with 78 at the Nautilus bar @ Ion Orchard. usual round of shop-hopping and loot-packing for the international man of pick-ups

a tiny gathering of pals on x'mas eve
good food and wine is always a must, and always a plus

seasonal pickups

bapexclusive x'mas '99 compressed tee
(yup, y' know its hard to come by)

got this in right before the tokyo trip, but went with the ACR since this W)taps bones jacket wasn't waterproof...think it'll look dope with the bones Vans chukka :)

"15-cent kicks"

MT580s and Stussy x Nike Court Forces
...courtesy of the 78-monster's over-flowing stash of kicks, LOL
much appreciated holmes!

edwin's wedding 291209

some Thom Browne stylin' in the morning to match the beemer :)

broke out the new Ferragamo links for the evening reception @ Conrad

NYE 09/10

pretty nostalgic feel to the end of '09 and a another new year...
decided crowds and partying were not our thing (getting old maybe?) and simply got together with loved one and best bud. nothing fills the void like close friends.

bid our good byes to an empty ''s wishing oh-10 will be overflowing! :)
cheers y'all

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